Why Selling Your Home in the Winter Can Be Good

Why Selling Your Home in the Winter Can Be Good

Why Selling Your Home in the Winter Can Be Good

Today we’re talking about selling your home in the winter season. A lot of people feel it may not be a great time to sell, because they think its difficult keeping the home clean and prepared for showings.  But I have to tell you there are a lot of great reasons to get your home on the market and in the selling mode for the winter time.

1. First and foremost when you sell in the winter time, you can be a non-contingent buyer in the spring, which means when you’re going out to buy your next home, you’ll already have sold your house, so you’ll be in a better position to buy when you’re up against all of the other buyers.

2. There is a lot of concern of inconvenience of showing your property during the holidays.  People may not realize that you can restrict showing times during the holidays, and the week leading up to them.

3. January is the number one month for job relocations and starting new jobs. So, those people need to purchase a home around the November-December time period, and getting your home on the market at this time important to capture those relocation people.

4. Buyers will have more time to look for homes during the holiday season.  A lot of people take time off so they’ll be more available to see your home.

5. Homes show better when they have holiday decorations, giving a festive, warm home feeling that buyers can connect to.

6. Most people don’t sell during the holiday season. Therefore you’ll have less homes to compete with: less homes to choose from that will net you more money. Also, if you have a property with any conditional issues that you can’t change like location, this is a great time to sell because there will be less homes to compare it to so your home will look better.

7. Motivation – a buyers motivation is much higher in the winter time during the holiday season, they want to make a deal happen.  Most are not looking unless they have to buy.

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